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The Global Center for Advanced Studies seeks to create a transformative institution of higher education unlike anything the world has yet seen. In doing this we want to create a community of scholars, farmers, workers, and students who can add to this conversation--a conversation that is itself an act in the belief of the humanities, political economy, philosophy, literature, art, science, architecture, and poetry. We need each other to do this believing that banks and corporate interests should not continue to dictate the terms on which "education" is determined. We want to create an education that is inclusive, democratic, and committed to justice for the oppressed. We are proud to be authorized as a Licensed Proprietary School in the State of Michigan, USA, as well as associated with a global network of GCAS credit-accepting and partnering institutions in Switzerland, Macedonia, Mexico and the United States, while we pursue Title IV-recognized regional and/or national accreditation over the next several years.

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